Moto Heaven

"Jumpy" the motocrosser was searching for the meaning of life, so he decided to visit a great guru that lived on a mountain top.

Jumpy: Oh great Guru, tell me – is there motocross in heaven?

Guru: Let me meditate for a minute

(a minute passes)

Guru: First the good news – there is motocross in heaven, and the track always has the just the right amount of tacky-ness, the temperature is a perpetual 65.6 deg F and if you case the 120 foot triple, it won't even hurt, just like a video game. And not only that, when you're done your moto, cute pit girls are waiting to clean your goggles and adjust and lube your chain.

Jumpy: Great! So what's the bad news?

Guru: You're first moto is tomorrow morning.

So where's the bad news LOL

Would that really be a bad thing ?


Can you give us more details about the cute pit girls?


The proceeding nonsense brought to you by MotoGreg

On two wheels (or 3) since 1970

'92 GSXR 7/11 (Until I get a shwangy 916)

'99 WR/YZ400F 'Cause thumpers rule and two strokes drool!

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