M.I.C. Sound Test Standards Book !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey all

Posted on the 426 side the sae-j1287 sound test standards from the M.I.C.

It is a very interesting read

I am really perplexed on this issue now :)

I read post after post after post in most every forum where members have been ticketed, harassed, asked questions, wonder what is the best 96db pipe, sound standards and so on.

But yet not a single reply to this thread :D

I don't understand that, to me this is a very serious issue and I know it is to others as well, but why the silence :D

It just makes me believe that "we, Me included" when upset about getting a sound ticket or not allowed in to ride because we failed a sound check. Will only choose to complain about how stupid the laws are or the ranger being a pain, this sucks that sucks.

I don't know maybe I am just miss informed. :D

Here is the original link if anyone is intrested

Sound Test Standards Booklette


I just finished reading that info. First, let me say I have only had the pleasure/displeasure of being tested twice. Once I was tested prior to a Family Enduro. The second time was just a courtesy check upon a buddy's request. After reading this info, I can see both tests were flawed.

There are so many things that can cause an inaccurate test I find it difficult to believe anyone could prove a dirtbike was breaking the sound law. Especially without a scientifically controlled environment. This just confirms my beliefs.

I am no Johnny Cochran, but even I could put doubt in anyone's mind a performed sound test was inaccurate or there is a possibility the test was inaccurate.

Thanks for the info Ego, :)

I am ordering my copy right now


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