im back and need some advice

hey guys.well i havent posted in a while due to recovering from my last acciedent.i managed to break my lower verterbrain in my last acciedent and have finaly recovered.(NOTE TO ALL DONT SPEED AROUND TRACKS YOU HAVENT RODE BEFORE!)lol a stupid mistake i made.anywayz back to the point.i have bought my water pump seals and shaft and was woundering if you guys could give me some advice on what NOT to do when installing these things.i remember reading a couple of posts about people accidently pinching the seals while there any sort of lubricant that i should use on the seals and shaft while installing.cheer's for the advice in advance.

Just a small dab of grease is all that's needed on the seals.

One thing to not do is to try to either tighten or loosen the impeller unless you correctly hold the shaft with a box end by the flats ground on the inside end.

And I don't recall having heard of anyone pinching the seals, but people put them in backward all the time. Both water pump seals go in their pockets with the lips (open side) facing up at you as you install them.


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