i'd like to see a 02 426 with white gaurds

hey guys.well my missus iss getting me UFO white gaurds for my 02 426 and i was wondering if a few of you could show me ur bikes with white gaurds so i can see how rad they look.cheers

check my 426 in my garage

Hand guards..... right? check my blog @ http://livinez.blogspot.com/

The only pic I have are riding pics... no still shots of just the bike. I love the bike. Keep wanting to get something newer....... but why? Its just as fast as any bike out there and never brakes.....

hey buzzgrizz nice bike man.can u aslo get the tank in white?

nah Q1445 sorry dude i should of explained better lol.i ment tank,shrouds,rear and front fender.cheers anywayz

I think clarke makes one thats who I got my black one from and sorry the pics aren't that great (from the last race) there the only pics I've taken of the 426 since going white.

They come stock with white fork guards. If you are thinking of upgrading, get the lightspeed units that update the brake line to the CR routing:


04 YZ450F, white hand guards.


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