Anybody knows where I can get the diaphragm for my 98' WR400F??? It is the one located just below the choke... Some says just de-octopus it but I really don't know how about doing it... Can anyone tell me where I can get that stupid diaphragm... :D :D

I tried I've tried Yamaha of Troy but can't seem to find the diaphragm.... Where else can I get it from... :):D

Mr. Death,

I just took mine off recently and am not using it. I would just give it to you.

However, I have only been able to run the bike for a short period of time since (BTW: It ran phenomonally :)) and Im not sure I want to get rid of it just yet in case I need to reverse the whole procedure. (Just in case it starts running bad for some reason)

Do the de-octopus. Very simple. Just take it off, plug the exposed ports with vacumn caps and a slight modification in jetting. :D

heres the link to how to do it. HERE

A bit confusing... no pictures... you know, picture tells a thousand words... Anyway, let me know if you don't want that diaphragm...


Knight :)

Please... :D :D :)

Any kind soul please sell me or tell me where I can get that diaphragm for my carb... :D :D :D

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