Fellow TTalkers-

Is it me, or are the same questions being asked over, and over, and over again? If I see another "how do I remove the throttle stop" (umm, you don't remove it- you cut it!) or "what should my jetting be..(with no additional info), I'm going to scream.

To the new guys: SEARCH ON YOUR TOPIC BEFORE YOU ASK A QUESTION!!! I know a modem can be slow (so get a cable modem :) ), but wait for the search to come up. You will be glad you did!

Don't mean to be rude, really. We were all new to this bike at one point, and there's never a dumb question of course. But practically every "newbie" topic has been covered, many times in great detail. It's getting boring reading the same old questions. I don't want to answer them anymore, mainly because someone else just answered the same question within a few weeks. Now, that's not who I am, blowing off questions, but it's getting old.

Who wants to volunteer to help me create an FAQ that is easily understood by a new person? Ergo's, jetting, and initial setup seem to be the least understood by a newbie.

I can cover initial setup (pre-ride maint, basic jetting, basic free/low cost mods both for power and longevity), brakes, and diet plan pretty easily.

Anyone <cough, James D, cough> want to help with jetting? How about tall ergo's <cough Brian M, cough>. And suspension <James, Boit, Jeremy>. Maybe have Clark read 'em over and make sure we're on the level.

Whaddaya you guys think?

Ill work on the "How to fall and look good doing it FAQ's"

But on a serious note, I think this is a great idea, I know I would get all my questions probably answered. And Ill help any way my simple mind can chip in.


I posted about this a month or so ago and got no responses... :)

I think its a great idea!


The more I think about it, the more it makes sense.

Now if I can just figure out how to cut that throttle stop :)

go search the archives newbie!

tish! tish!

i agree. rodH has got the specs for each model on his site & if ever want the spec on something i go there. what about specs?

factory updates on improved parts. my new gear selector is huge compared to the flimsy bent thing that sits on my bench!

for 98 & 99 you have the tank & seat. flywheeel weight. moving the bars.

the strange thing is for instance that 90% of those with any interest moved the rear wheel forward, but i'm against it.

some blokes say no need for a flywheel weight coz i put the tickover up & geared it down etc.

how are you going to say what the success rate is?

i have a 10oz weight & i notice that many riders don't even get them now. last year when they were still being put on the 98 & 99 models we couldn't even agree on the weight. when i joined it was 6oz & 8oz. i pushed the 10oz hard as did one or two others so what is the ideal weight?

i reckon it's a good idea but you've opened a right old can of worms.

as far as jetting goes i suggest you just post people's settings. the newbies won't understand a check list so you get a dumb question again!

we had loads of fouled plugs on this site & can anyone actually say that they found the cure? nope!

quite honestly some of the settings i've seen have been guilty OF the plug fouling!

i feel i've found a cure for jetting woes that will help back to 98 & so we'll have to wait again. this is one thread that i do hope goes on & on.



when i posted a newbie question on set up tips your reply was the lengthiest, most detailed and most helpful. you even answered an e mail or two that i sent you and invited me to come down and ride with you sometime. it just about gave me the warm fuzzies... thank you.

a faq section is a great idea, but i encourage you guys to answer a newbie once in while. it just makes us feel good...you know, like we belong. :)

besides how much time can it possibly take?


I used to repeat the answer I'd posted a month ago, then I started finding the link to the old post, now I just tell somebody to do a search when they ask about the best bar for a tall rider, etc. It does get old. But I'm as guilty as the next newbie of posting w/o searching. The search feature is a good thing.

I don't think that the offers to come out riding will ever disappear :)


If a FAQ is started pics would be nice. I know everyone is asking questions about the throttle stop for example, and so did I but, nobody explained it in detail. I was wondering how I was going to cut the threads on the allen head so I could make sure I wouldn't cross thread the carb when I reintalled it. Then I took off my throttle stop and saw the threads were only at one end, BUT no one ever said anything about that. Of course it was a piece of cake then but, I could see how someone could get scared pretty easily when messing with things like that. I do thank everyone who replied to my post and gave me the info to help me but I think pics of the items,(before and afters?) we modify would help cut down on common questions as well.

696 :)

Alright then. I'll start an FAQ. Give me a week or so to get a good start, I'm slammed with work at the moment.

I'm VERY OPEN to input from everyone who believes they are an expert (or close enough) at one matter or another. Please drop me an email at: mcarpent@uu.net with a topic, how to make the changes you're suggesting, (large pics are fine-I'm on broadband all the time) why you feel this important, and what if any options/pitfalls/research you have done to come to your conclusion.

I want to separate it out into free/very cheap mods, moderately priced popular mods, and full blown "Mason" mods for those utterly serious about this bike.

Hey, that could be a new term- "Hey pulled a Mason", meaning he spent no less than $10,000 US on mods.

RM, you're still welcome to go riding :) I've been out a few times, probably will head to Wayne April 22--you gotta go to this place if you haven't already been. Hope you're a good rider-this place can be challenging, especially in the wet spring mud :D


I just put an answer on "Carb Removal" as a first attempt for your FAQ. I think its great you're willing to start making a section or list of answers for this. We need a simple identifier for this to search for. I tried using FAQ001 but the search wasn't picking it up. Wonder why??

Try searching on FAQ and then FAQ001.


Your post was a good idea, it did not go unnoticed. The hard part is an effective execution of it.

[This message has been edited by James Dean (edited 04-04-2001).]

MCARP, are you planning on riding at Wayne in Ohio on 4-22 ?

I saw a website on Wayne and it looks like a great place to ride. Any info other than it might be muddy and challenging in the spring?

By the way I did search the archives on Wayne and found nothing pertaining.......

A few months ago, I posted this in an effort to reduce the number of repeat questions.


Links to this kind of information need to be added to the Technical Page.

I will update the site and/or provide a copy of all files to anyone who wants to use them.

Olson and RM-

Yes, April 22 is the date. There are a few places to park-I normally park on a Purdum road (a dirt road) due to the fact that the normal staging areas are full of yahoos with quads.

I've been going there for 4 years now, very nice trails, most are fairly easy but each always has a really tough obstacle. Either big logs, hill climbs, water crossings, or just plain slippery mud :) They are labeled with difficult/moderate and very difficult. If you've only been riding a short time, stay off the difficult trails. They DO mean it.

You guys are welcome to meet me down there. Will probably have a group of 4-5 riders, all cool guys and good riders. I'm the crappiest of them all, but getting better :D

Perry state Forest near New Lexington is a very challenging place. I don't ride there anymore as the minerals in the soil tend to rust ANY exposed metal quickly. It may be worth going sometime just to experience it.

Where are you located, Olson? I have friends down near Cinci that rave about riding in KY.

James Dean-

Where did you post the instructions on carb removal? Can you email this to me? mcarpent@uu.net.

Also olson and rm, drop me a line too so we can hook up in Wayne. Don't forget the PAM and waterproofed boots :)

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