Font Brake Upgrade... Suggestions?

Making my XR650R faster has been fun, but now... I need more stopping power badly. Less expensive would be nice too. If anyone has any suggestions, that would be great.

I've heard about the 320mm by Motomaster w/ the OEM caliper relocation bracket ... and the 280mm kit by EBC. I've heard that the OEM caliper produces pretty nice power w/ a bigger disc, so I'd like to avoid having to buy a whole new caliper.

Thanks in advance, everbody.



I agree that the front brake on this bike is adequate at best. I upgrated to the EBC 280mm setup and it is an impressive upgrade in power. I would have gone 320mm but it would be too vulnerable in the woods. I paid around $120.00 for it at my local dealer. A lot of performance for the money.

I just put a EBC 280mm rotor on my scoot and will be testing it out at Ocotillo Wells this weekend. Expect a Rokatt Report! :)

Thanks guys. I too went with the EBC kit from Rocky Mountain 280mm for about $125. If interested, go to and search for "ebc" then select "oversized brake rotor" from the list.

Some thoughts on oversized rotor kits... The EBC kit comes with a rotor and an OEM caliper relocation bracket. So do the more expensive kits. (not mentioning any names) Some of them are 320mm and drastically expensive, and some are 260mm (even smaller in diameter than the $120 EBC kit) and still way overpriced. So what accounts for this drastic difference in price? We're not talking about engine components or fancy carbeuration... or even aftermarket brake calipers for that matter. It's a rotor and a lousy bracket. So why the $100+ difference in price? Smoke, magic, and a sprinkly of brand trendiness would be my guess.

I'll report back about that 280mm EBC kit once I get it installed and ridden.


Damn... I just read in another post that EBC makes a 320mm kit for Yamaha bikes. Anyone know if such a thing is available for XRs? And if so, where to look? Some online shop URLs would be nice. Word.

I have a Braking (PN-45-1203) over size rotor that comes with a relocation bracket and new break pads. White brothers has them for sale and the cost is $200. I'm very happy with the performance. I have not used the other brands but this rotor has a high carbon stainless steel with a higher friction coefficient than the OEM rotor. the extra cost may be in the pads and the quality of the rotor... :)

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