Bike won't start after sitting up

Alright. Bike ran fine. It sat up a few months and wouldn't start. I took carb off and put in new pilot new main new leak jet and new needle (jd red 165 main 45 pilot). I also put on an rd float bowl and accelerator cover and new ap pump diaphragm. I checked spark and spark is good. I need to know how to make sure all fuel passage ways are clear in the carb. When kicking the bike or using estart it make 0 attempt to start like it has no fuel. Thanks alot.


First thing would be to make sure you are getting fuel into the bowl. Could be as simple as the needle valve stuck or gummed over. New needle and seat could be in order.

Under the float where it this the needle and seal you speak of? I k ow for a fact it is gummed as hell. How do I remove that part. I can take off the float then what next? Thanks.

Ok, I just pulled the carb again. The bowl was BONE DRY. This was after kicking about 30 times and also twisting the throttle. I noticed I forgot to put my AP spring in but I don't think this would affect gas to the bowl. I took a can of Carb Cleaner and I sprayed it in the big gold tube that the fuel line hooks up squirted back in my eyes haha. Next I blew on said tube and ZERO air moved through it which leads me to believe that it is 100% plugged? I have no clue how to take out thet needle assembly thing in the bowl.

Thanks everyone,



OK, you need to inspect the needle that was attached to the float, make sure it is smooth on the tip. If not, you will need to replace the needle and seat. If it is smooth, then you can soak the whole carb with the bowl off in a can of carb cleaner (I use B12) you can use Seafoam or whatever you have around. Soak it over night, or until you can blow air through the inlet from the fuel tank. I believe that the needle seat (inside the carb) is held in by the O-Ring that is on it. It just kind of snapps into the carb body. You should be able to pull it out with a pick and a little persistence. It's been a while since I replaced one. Hope this helps.


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