Just bought WR450....Read this!

I bought a new WR450 this morning and told the dealer about the woodruff key that I read about on here last night. At first they said " you can't believe everything you read on the net" but I insisted that this was something they should check out. They checked with Yamaha and to make a long story short, are lapping the crank and correcting the problem. I can't pick my bike up until in the morning since the locktite has to dry. Are my problems solved? Also, the dealer was very nice about the whole ordeal, they just were not familiar with this problem.

Your problems may or may not be solved. I had the recall work done on my bike before I ever took delivery and have had no problems so far. It has backfired a couple times while trying to start it but it always starts up and runs fine. Other people haven't been so lucky though and some have had problems even after the recall was performed. Hopefully yours will be ok.

Best of luck to you. :)


Wow, I had to wait four weeks for the parts to come in and so far it's been at the shop (Hardings in Canton oh) for three days and they told me it may or may not be done today. :)


What parts?? Lapping compound?? A new woodruff key?? Your dealer sucks!


DKyle, I bought my WR just a couple weeks ago and had the dealer perform the mod. right before my eyes.I have had a few backfires, farts and the like but so far no hint of a problem. The engine seems to take a bit longer to break in but all is cool. The bike starts great and runs the ass off my semi - mod. DRZ400E and handles twice as well. Anyway, back to the topic. I after the original set up Woodruff key mod. by my dealer, I received the notice from Yamaha. I called the dealer to remind him he had done the mod. and he said he knew that, just wanted to make sure the bike had no problems. The dealers , atleast this one seem more than willing to make my WR as good as any bike I've owned. Did I also mention this bike rips too Dirtstiff . :)

Yeah, they suck. and I'm going to tell everyone. When I first called about the TSB, I offered to buy the parts up front because they had not heard about the TSB. They told me that they would order them and let me know when they came in. They said it would only take a couple days. I took the bike in Wednesday and they told me it would be done friday. I called at 3:30pm om fri and they said they were working on it right now and I MIGHT get it back on monday. Wow, 5 days for a .7 hour fix. :)

Jim Bob, I'm not sure what your post means???? :)

Glueing the flywheel on is a half-a$$ed fix. Lapping is for removing tiny amounts of metal. I told my dealer if my WR shears a key I want a new flywheel and crank.

I never ride the thing without bringing a tow rope and a cell phone.

I would richen your jetting, your bike shouldn't backfire.

DKyle- Yes consider the problem solved. Sure, you could still spin the flywheel, but it's highly unlikely. Probably a much better chance of breaking a chain, knocking a hole in the case, or performing an inverted get-off(lipskid). Like Dirt Bike Mag. says,"Yamaha took the meanest, gnarliest MX bike on the planet and made an enduro bike out of it." So get out there and enjoy. This thing RIPS! :)

ps- There's not a dirt bike made, or will there ever be, that I wouldn't carry a tow strap, cell phone, oh yeah, and first aid kit with. It's just common sense.

What I meant was that there is not really any parts required for the TSB. Why wait four weeks?


They said they didn't have the gasket or the key. When I first called them about the TSB they told me that they would order the parts and they would call me in a couple days to arrange a time to bring the bike in. Every time I called to check on the parts, they told me that the parts were on the way. I got my bike back today (after much help from the salesman who sold me this bike, an XR50 and my R1). He said that the bike was just sitting in the back in pieces. When I picked up the bike, the service Mgr told me that they "don't like to do recalls because they don't get paid". So much for customer service. I told him that if I had known that they just didn't want to do the TSB, they should have told me that a month ago and I would have taken the bike somewhere else, like, the bike shop that I will be buying all of my bikes and parts at from now on. I have a timing cover gasket,and a key. I ordered them a month ago. I wanted to see how long they would drag this out. I told them I had the parts, and they said I could not get them because they were part of a recall. I have three bikes in my garage right now that I'm doing repairs on. They should not assume that the average bike buyer(especially dirt bikers) are ignorant when it comes to working on bikes. This shop sells alot of sport bikes, most of them to the same dorks who tend to make the into little balls of plastic and aluminum and don't think you have to change the oil until the light comes on. I ride with a pretty large group of people both on, and offroad. Some of them do not like this dealer because they tend to cater to the Squids more than the experienced rider. I guess as long as they keep trashing bikes, this dealership will stay in buisiness. They just won't be getting any more of my money, and I'm going to advise all of my riding buddies to steer clear of this place. :)

I also told them that I was not too thrilled about "gluing the flywheel back on, I too think this is B.S. I've fixed many old euro bikes that spun their flywheels and I've never had to locktite the rotor. If the rotor needs to be glued, then there is a design flaw. Probably not enough contact area, or improper taper. When I got the bike home, It would not run. I checked the fuel screw and it was turned all the way in. When I adjusted the screw to get it to idle, I noticed that the petcock was on "on". It seemed like it wasn't getting gas. I turned the petcock to reserve (there wasn't much gas in it) and it ran fine. One of the guys in the shop said they had the bike out earlier trying to get it to run right. Hmmmmmm......adjusting the carb when the bike is out of gas?. :)

You need to complain to YAMAHA about the dealer. A dealer I didn't even buy my bike from did the TSB for me. They only had one bike coming in so they didn't care when I got mine elsewhere. I left a post on your other thread about getting paid for it. THey do get paid.

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