03-05 450f Pics

Well I bought my 03 450f back in Aug. and the guy i bought it off of couldnt really tell me much about the motor or its maintenance. So i figured i'd ride it Aug Sept Oct. Well I ripped the motor out and took it to my local Machine shop for him to take a look inside. Didnt look bad at all. Justed needed some rings and valve adjustment but ended up puttin fresh topend with a high comp piston and a mild port. Also thru a hotrod crank in there.

Anways I'm going to pick the motor up next week and I was wondering if any 1 can post some pics of there 03-05 (close-ups). Some pics of the engine or how the wiring harness is ran just to refresh my memory for when i put her back in her freshly powder coated frame:thumbsup:

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