1999 Yz 400 wheel to swing arm spacing?

Hey fellow yamaha bretheren! I picked up a 99 400 for the ice and a second bike and I am stiil learning my way around it after rebuilding the motor etc.

This is hopefully a stupid question but does the wheel on this bike fit a little bit on the loose side into the swingarm when mounting the back wheel. There is probably 3/16th of an inch play between the swing arm and the spacer collars. When I tighten the axle to torque it closes right up with no play. It just seems that the rotor bolts come too close to the caliper carrier. They do not hit but they seem too close! I have about three hours on it and no problems. I have inspected everything that I can see back there and hoping that this is just the way this bike is. Every other bike had the rear wheel goes in pretty snug. Thanks


i also found it strange that in the service manual it states that there is a left and right collar that are marked. But the ones on the online parts fiche are identical part #'s. Any one that has a 99 400 that could comment woul be great to ease my mind that i'm not missing something.


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