demo means what?

looking at an 08 yz450 said would sell a demo for 3390 no set up or delivery charges.??? I was wondering what is allowed to call it a demo and not consider it used.

It means a bunch of people rode it, but it was never sold at retail, so it's not "used".

yeah they rode it like it wasn't their bike and could care less what happens!!

I brought up this same ? a few months ago many members on here advised against buying a demo bike. I guess it is like any used bike go and look at it and see what kind of condition it is in. The clutch and ignition covers are black and it wears off quickly so if those only have a few scuffs then the bike should have low hours.

went and checked prices at local dealership...and showed ad for 08 demo and if could come close to price.showed me an 07 demo which was in ok shape.then ushered me to an 08 trade in....pipe looked brand new front sprocket teeth we curved over think someone saved their new parts and put them back on at trade in time...and kept creeping the out the door up...using the goofy four square...doesnt work well when its cash.they are as bad as car dealerships.....course I have fifteen years working at car dealership and know the crafty sales as usual think I'll look private prarty

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