Modified skid plate to ease oil change

OK it looks to me like if I try to do an oil change with my skid plate on the bike I am going to end up with an oily mess. So....

each time I do an oil change I start by removing the skid plate and then I put it back on when I am done.

Fist question...

Do most of you do the same or do you have another method for changing the oil with removing the skid plate and without making a big mess

Next question - It looks to me like I could spend a couple of minutes with my dremel and notch the skid plate by the oil drain plugs and be able to remove them and drain the oil without it all going into the skidplate. has anyone else tried this?


What year and what skid plate may get you a better answer.

I have an 07 with a Utah skid plate that I drilled a hole in with a Harbor Freight Uni-bit to make draining the left side easier.

The bottom drain is easy to get to.

It is an 09 with the factory plastic skid

I have a Utah skid plate. I take it off for oil changes. I consider it part of the routine....just like removing the drain plug and filling with oil. Plus, I don't like oil collecting dirt and making everything a oily-dirty mess.

I used to remove my skidplate every change. But with my imperfect fit skidplate and weak aluminum threads on the frame were the back bolt threads I have tapped 6mm, 8mm and now have a 8mm helicoil. So I'm keeping removal to a minimum now.

So now I lean to left when draining left plug and to the right when doing right plug and filter. Then a little brake clean and wipe up on the skidplate. Keeps most of the mess down.

Greyracer has a post on the YZ450 forum on a bit of a fix for it to drain off the skidplate better on the left side. Right side typically already has the drain hole.

I have an 08 and just remove it everytime. not a big deal. but like was said be careful not to strip any threads.

I have an 08 and just remove it everytime. not a big deal. but like was said be careful not to strip any threads.

Yeah my issue was an aftermarket aluminum plate not fitting right even with some bending. It was always pulling on the back bolt on install. Hence it eventually pulls the threads. Now I have the helicoil and I bent the $%^& out of my skid plate to put less pressure on the bolt. And I only remove it every 4th change or so to clean the skidplate foam and plate from residual oil.

This is after countless oil changes as well.

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