kick lever?

Anybody know when yami changed the kick shaft size from 03 and up? I have an old 03 that needs a new kick lever and union, but the lever off a 08 and 07 will not fit because the shaft is larger on the newer bikes. will a 04-06 fit?

it should but i do not know for sure check the different part numbers and see when they change

The '04 and the '06 are two entirely different levers, and the shaft assemblies are also different.

The fact is that the '03 had some trouble blowing up starter shafts and gears, and th eunit was beefed up in '04 and '05, both of which call for a different lever and shaft than the '03. It may well be that the only lever that will fit is the '03, but the '04/'05 might. '06 and up won't.

I actually know the answer to this one. I broke my lever off on a cold start as I pumped away one cold morning, and had to buy a replacement off ebay. The 2003 lever is the same as the 04-05 but I believe the assembly different between the two years. I had to take the assembly apart and swap the 04 lever onto the 03 assembly. It worked great and I have spent many mindless hours since that time kicking away at my old pig. Just remember a few squirts of throttle when throttle hot...some of us are slow learners. Good luck with your beast.

Thanks guys! so it looks like i gotta find an 03 lever, or do sme work with 04-05.

I had an 03 and the starter assy did "kick the bucket" (pun intended) and the beefed up version used the same kick shaft and union, the update as far as i could tell at the time was a better ratchet side assy.

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