Bike wont start

Hello everyone, first I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Ok, the other day I was at the track with my 2003 YZ450F and to make a long story short, stalled the bike in a started back up after wearing my right leg out though. During another run, it stalled out again and this time it took forever to be able to kick the starter. I got it to where it would kick, but it seemed harder than usual so I just loaded the bike up and took it home. Last night I pulled the plug and it was soaked in fuel and nasty looking. I got a new plug, cleaned out the carb and blew out the jets. Put the new plug in and same thing happened. It is easier to kick but still wont start :-( I pulled the plug and it was once again soaked with fuel. I do have good spark and every once in awhile I will get a pop when kicking it. Does this sound like a carb problem to you or would it be more engine related? Thanks for any advice...

I would start with carb. Check float and make sure it isn't sticking, and everything is the way it should be. Could be a combination of both carb and engine, like timing or possibility piston rings. You need to start dissecting and eliminating each thing. I wish I could be more help.

Thanks Wes, I appreciate the input. Here is what I have done so far since the post. I changed the plug, pulled the carb off and cleaned/blew it out, pulled of the valve cover and checked the alignment of the spots while turning the engine. Visially looked at all of the valves moving with the cam shafts but did not check the adjustment on them. Put everything back together and tried to start but still no joy...We even tried to pull start it but it would not stay running. Oh well, more than likely it will be going back to the shop when I can get the time and money to get it in there...Thanks again!

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