TT FNG and a new YZ450F

New to TT, but not to MX. I'm a 45 year-old vet rider, currently on my third tour to Iraq. I came home for R&R and on my second day decided to visit the local shops while my wife slept (she's a nurse and worked a 7P to 7A shift the night before). Just wanted to look and see what I was missing this time around over there.

So I went to Honda and they had a '10 CRF250 and said they could order me a '10 450. My last eight bikes, or so, have been Hondas. I'm too old to really enjoy a 250F - just sold one before I deployed. So I left and went up the road to the Yamaha/Suzuki dealer. When I pulled in to the lot, there it was in the center of the window. I hate to say I "had to have it", but you know the rest. They gave me a discount because I'm active duty and deployed, and I wrote a check and rolled a 2010 YZ450F out the door. Last YZ I had was in 1990, when they were red and white and had the monster YZM radiator shrouds.

Weather is too crappy to ride, and I have to fly back to Iraq in a couple of days. But I have started it up several times, and just cracking the throttle bumps up my heart rate. Aside from the C-RAM guns which protect our base from mortars, best sound I have heard in months.

Very interested to see how they do in competition. Know JS7 will rip on his, but hoping to see good results over the next 7 months while I do the rest of my time over there. I figure the weather will be perfect in JUL when we redeploy... Anyway, looking forward to good stuff from TT and thanks for reading.

Big congrats and thank you for your service.

moosemuss, Thank you for your service in the military! My brother did two tours too!

Congrats on the new purchase, and a big THANK YOU for your service. Its nice that you get to be home for the holidays I bet!

Thanks for the service

Thanks for your service and congrats!!!

Thank you for your service you are a hero in my eyes and congrats on the new bike!

Thank you for your service and have fun with the new bike....

be safe over there and give us a ride report when you get back. god bless.


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