yz 426 resale value

I have a friend that wants to buy my 426 that I purchaced in march of 2000. I hate to sell it but the beast keeps inflaming an old back injury. It is in very good shape with only a few scratches and worn back tire. What kind of a loss should I expect to take on the only true joy I have ever known.

Thanks for the replies.

How good of a friend is this guy? :)

I don’t know what they are bringing but all the 426s I have seen in the classifieds (Phx, Den, Abq, Dal) and Cycle Trader range from $5,000 to $5,750. I imagine this will drop a bit as all the ‘01s become available.

On the other hand people have regularly found similar deals on brand new showroom bikes (like myself). But if you put it in the paper in any large city I don’t suspect it would last too long at $5,000.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the reply. I should have put in there that the bike has the Scotts stabilizer,handle bars and triple clamp. I also istalled a 10 oz. flywheel wieght,baja disigns kick stand and tall seat. I dont,think that the bank cares about extras nor will they loan more money than blue book value. I am hoping however,that I can get at least half thier value. Thanks again for the info.

Onward thru the fog JK.

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