2 Trac WR450 2005 UK Model

Hi all.

Does anyone have any experience with Yamaha's 2 wheel drive WR450 2 Trac?

Mine is the 2005 model (last of the steel frames), with the full Ohlins set up including steering damper and 2wd system.

I'm looking at removing the standard exhaust and replacing it with DEP's System 7, as well as the air filter with a K&N , so any ideas as to what jetting would suit said alterations? The bike is completely standard, and has only just been run in and serviced accordingly.

Has anyone altered the gearing with the 2 Trac system without changing the pump ratio? I'm going to be running the bike on the road as well as off, so will want a bit of speed to avoid being overtaken by busses!

Great bike but stay away from the K+N filter.


What seems to be the problem with them? Being a bit of an old(ish) git, I'm out of touch with the filter market, so have always considered them as a good bet.

have kept my 2trac standard as don't need any more power, more than enough to get me in and out of trouble!!, assume you bought the bike from fowlers in brizzle.

looking to play out in the peak district wed 30th hopefully in the snow



What is this 2trac business? Is it similar to a christini?

Yes, mine came from Fowlups, and they cocked it up in their usual style when they performed the hose re-call. They didn't bother re gassing the system, so I whinged and whined so much that they gave me a sump guard,frame guards,rad guards as well as brush guards.On top of that as a gesture of good will they put a road kit on and serviced it!!! Pays to moan Eh?

Contact Owen from Manchester Exreme. He seems to be the current expert on the 2 Trac. Reckons a 48 tooth rear sprocket gives an extra 10mph without reducing pump efficiency.

Hi Mikey.

A brief potted history.

Ohlins(then part owned by Yamaha) developed a hydraulic drive system to power the front wheel when the back wheel loses traction. It is run by a small pump that sits over the gearbox and is driven directly from the drive shaft. In the larger than normal front wheel hub sits the hydraulic motor. A maximum of 15% power is transfered to the front as and when it's needed. Too much power to the front reduces steering grip as well as making it a very harsh ride( hence the fitment of an Ohlins steering damper).

Only one run of 250 units were produced and were astronomically expensive (12000 Euros+), so only sponsored teams and the wealthy bought them.

Results in the 2004 Dakar speak for themselves, as the boss of Yamaha France took 3 stage wins outright and cleaned up the 450 Class as well as trouncing most of the 650 Class as well.

The project was shelved by Yamaha for no particular reason, I'm guessing when Ohlins bought their shares back from Yamaha. There are a couple of revealing articles on the web explaining the politics of Ohlins relationship with Yamaha.

Their system adds approx 6 kilos to the overall weight of the bike; the majority of it centralised above the gear box, and the rest in the front hub.

Lap times are claimed and proven to be improved,not so much solely from the front wheel drive, but more from the traction control effect of not wasting rear wheel spin.

Hope that's explained enough to whet your appetite!

bought my bike unseen and growing to love it, brllliant in most situations EXCEPT going downhill (especially rocky gulleys!!) had me off about four/five times after an a long day due to what seemed a two tonne flywheel on the front hub, joking, wasn't more than a few hundred kiilos.

Still a great bike and suits my lazy riding



The K+N filter passes fine dirt,unless you put a filter wrap over it.Called a dry charger If I remember right.What I do remember is all the carbs with stuck slides.Also all the dirt in airbox boot.We wont use them,the foam filters are great for the dirt,on the street you could get away with a K+N.

Thanks for that.

I'll stick to the foam filters until further notice.

What exhaust systems seem to be the lightest/best at the moment?

Noise isn't too much of an issue out here in the sticks; besides, I prefer to let the horse wanderers know I'm coming in good time!!

On my 07wr450 Im happy with a powerbomb header and 08yz muffler.I did have to go way up on the main jet with that header.Lots of low end,but thats why my brother give it to me.He did not like it ,says it does not rev.Since this bike is used for single track it is perfect.


I've looked at Powerbomb headers but haven't been able to find anything for the '05 WR's.Everything with Powerbombs seems to only be available for '07 bikes and newer.

So far I've got my sights set on DEP's S7( which only offers a full system without the Powerbomb header), but I like the idea of putting a YZ system on, if it fits without too much hassle.

Happy New Year, by the way to yourself and all TT'ers.

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