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Extreme riding, old school style

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I was the cameraman, producer, director, everything.... I even kept it long enough to share it with you...

1975 Ascot Park tour, with a little daylight practice for the evening's program. 2min, 22sec.

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Just spent the entire morning going through this...great thread Philly..great thread!

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August 25 1991 was my first time riding in the sand dunes... I was invited to go to Oceano Dunes, a California State Vehicular Recreational Area.

I learn'd that the guys who I was riding with were all on Fat Tire Bikes, 2, 3, and 4 wheel'd fat tire bikes go easily straight across

the dunes. While, I was on my enduro 430 Husky, I had to learn quickly how to stay with 4 guys who could putt along leisurely?? They were to "show me

around" a little bit.... I learned I needed to go fast to stay on top of the sand..., AND if I did big circles in the sand, I mean I rode in a 300 foot diameter

circles, around the group of riders I was with, I could adjust the circles to keep them in sight and go fast enough to stay up-right and fallow where they took me.


When they took me to this jump, I said yeah, I could do this..., I showed them...., that, I am not afraid...




This is the same dune Jump, different angle.



After I did a bunch of jumps, I stood as a safety observer and took these photos. This is the same dune jump, different angle



Pal Carl who rode a fat tire Yamaha, seen at far left was jumping Fred's ATC really far. Same dune jump, different angle.



This guy nails it.... Same dune jump, different angle.



This guy came by, stopped to give props to my big jumps. Thanks buddy who ever you are...


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