2010 yz450f Does it worth its money?

Hey guys,I am new to the community and I live in Greece.I am a regular mx racer since 2003 and have been involved with the sport since 1997 ,29 y.o now.Since 2002 I change my bike every year and always had yamahas.I currently have a 2009 yz450f which I bought last April.In my country the 2010 yz450f costs about 12600$ while the 09 was about 10400$, a huge difference!05-09 was about 9900-10400.I was wondering if the 2010 is worthy of all the extra money considering that I can sell my bike 7700$ tops!Hope someone who has a first hand opinion about the 2010 could comment!All my friends by the way told me to nurse the '09 for this year and start saving for 2011! lol!

Get what you want or you will never really be happy.

Im sure someone COULD ride a 09 faster than a 10, but one year difference will not make you a winner.

Bubba could ride a 2005 450 and still kick ass.

the 10 bike is all new. the new one will and does handle better and has more motor compared to the 08/09.

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