Opinions on boots for the mx track

I have alpinestars tech 7s and while they are comfortable on my feet, i don't like the thickness and stiffness of the toe and sole. I know they are on my feet for protection but i would feel much more comfortable with a little flex on the sole and a smaller toe area for shifting. Do you guys have any thoughts or recommendations that might help me here?

I just moved from the Tech 6 to SIDI SRS...no comparison at all. The SIDI's are in a totally different class and are incredibly comfortable right out of the box and on the track. The overall feel and weight of the SRS boots could not be better. Read other forum members opinions on the SIDI and you'll know why any other boot is a step below.

I'm pretty comfortable with my Gaerne SG10's

I'm pretty comfortable with my Gaerne SG10's

+1 SG-10's for me.

A.R.C. From Rocky Mountian, Great boots for the money, IF you don't HAVE to have the BIG NAME BRAND.....

the gaerne sg 10s are alright.. i would stick with alpinestars just buy a tech 8 though

I just bought new boots.

I had Fox Forma Pro's, I liked them but I wore them out, I put a hole in the boot where the kick start rubs.

I have a stiff right ankle from a Rugby injury so I need a flexible, comfortable boot with good protection.

I looked at Fox, A stars tech 8s and Gearne SG10 and 12's, and Sidi Crossfire 2010's. I didn't like the Fox range or the Tech 8's, they didn't look or feel worth the money. The salesman told me that the A stars mx boot name has kind of gone downhill recently, people are moving away from them is his opinion. The Gearnes were impressive, the SG12 was unbelievably comfortable. I settled on the Sidi's though. I was blown away by the quality of them, the comfort and the replaceable parts.

The boots have a screw on wear plate where the kickstart rubs. The ankle is hinged, which is perfect for me. There are guide plates to stop debris flicking undone the catches. They also have a small and neat toe height compared to other boots which I liked. They feel very protective and comfy, and they have an elasticated liner at the top to keep most of the wet stuff out.

I really like the Sidi boots, but unfortunately they were outside my budget this time round :moon:

Sidi Crossfires are great for me. Best boot I've ever had. I used to race tech 8 then tech 10. I will however let you know that I probably wouldnt get the srs version like I did, because if you hit your boot or drag it on the track, mud/dirt will pack under the sole and lift the sole off the plate. You have to unscrew the sole, clean under then re install the sole. Awesome boot but I think the srs was for Supermoto. I would recommend the Sidi Crossfire's but with the solid sole. If I didn't go with the Sidi I would go with the Gaerne sg10's

I wear the Alpinestar Tech 10....before I started wearing the Tech 10 I wore the Alpinestar Super Victory...they are a set of retro style boot that looked like the old High Point boots....they were very flexable and easy to shift.....but being a all leather boot....the protection was not the best. I changed to the Tech 10 after almost breaking my ankle in the all leather Super Victory Boots.... Jody from MXA wears the Super Victory boots...he states it helps his knee since the boots are lighter....but from experince get a good boot with some plastic...it may be a little stiff...but they will break in and give you good protection.........hope this helps.........

SG12 > SG10 or SIDI and the rest don't compare to these 3.

SG12 > SG10 or SIDI and the rest don't compare to these 3.

Really?? Not even the TCX pro 2's?

It's all on opinion. Try a couple pairs out and pick what ones you like best.

I have the Fly tech 8 copy but I have worn sg 10s and they are light years ahead and I plan on the sg12 in the next 6 months. Try some different ones on, just because you got a great deal doesn't help with sore and ankles and discomfort. Speaking from experience, just my 2 cents

Once you try high end boots there's no going back. I went from Thor quadrant to SIDI SRS, the difference is night and day. The fit, comfort, and build quality are exactly what you would expect from $500 boots. If I didn't get SIDI's it would be Gaerne SG-12, my friend is very happy with them.

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Sidi SRS are the best boots on the market as far as i am concerned

sg-10 best boots i have ever worn. I dont think i will ever wear a different brand

SG-10's or 12's ftw!

Got a feeling that so long as they're Italian, then they're going to be good....so thats Forma, Sidi, Gaerne, Diadora and probably more.

I love my Gaerne SG-12s. Best $500 I've ever spent

Got a feeling that so long as they're Italian, then they're going to be good....so thats Forma, Sidi, Gaerne, Diadora and probably more.

Do you know anything about these? I have a pair of MX-6 coming next week that I bought really cheap, I don't know much about them other than that they are pretty expensive and nobody in the US has them.

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