Brake caliper bracket pin threads?

First post here, so bear with me...

I was throwing some supermoto wheels my friend let me borrow onto my bike and had to switch out the caliper mounting bracket to fit the larger brakes. When I pulled my caliper off, I noticed that the dowel that the caliper floats on above the pad pin had stripped out the threads in the bracket and had made the end of the hole an oval. It must have been moving a fair amount under braking.

I figured I could put an insert into the bracket to get the threads back, but I can't find the thread size anywhere in the service manual. I was wondering if anyone knew the size, or a better way to fix the part, or if it is hosed?:moon: Thanks for the help

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Break down and buy a new bracket. If you try and drill and tap that ovalized hole, there is no guarantee you're gonna get it positioned close enough (let alone perfectly) to alow the caliper to flaot as designed. It may end up binding and causing premature pad wear at best, locked brakes due to boiling fluid at worst possibly resulting in a nasty crash or no brakes at all when you really need them.

Check with one of the many breakers (bike junk yards) for a used one. Shouold be really cheap (about half or less what new one would cost).


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