Broken Throttle Cable ?

Has anyone else had their throttle cable snap

for no apparent reason?

I got my 00 426 in july and this weekend during first practice of a local MX race the return cable broke about 3 - 4 inches from the carb linkage.

I was on an up hill hard on the gas when i felt something strange, pulled over and sure enough the cable was broke.

I have lubed the cables on the bike consistantly every two weeks.




Keep your stick on the ice!

This is a common problem. The cable chafes at the end of the the cable tube. Was it the bottom pull cable or top push cable?

It was the top push cable,

and its back ordered from yamaha

for an uncertain amout of time.

This Sux!

I have to order it direct fom motion pro i guess.

Any Fixes?




Keep your stick on the ice!

Hey guys, I haven't checked into this myself, but I thought the cables came in a set, and are not available individually.

Check with Yamaha parts warehouse a.k.a. Tracey's in Pittsburg - someone I was talking to claims to have already received a replacement set, without delay.


Yip.. very comon problem.

I had the push cable break and waited months for one.

Ended up getting a new one made up by the bike shop for about 1/4 of the price of genuines or Motion Pro.



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Matt Porritt

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I broke my original at the throttle in a crash. I must be lucky because NCY had it in stock, it was on my bike (426) in less than a week.

I HAVE TROTTLE CABLES FOR THE YZ400/426 IN STOCK $30.00 888-248-9159/818-782-4600


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