05' 450 top end

I am going to re-do the top end on my 450 I bought it used so I don't completely trust it. I'm planning on piston, rings, valves. Is there anything else I should replace and what brands of the afformentioned parts work the best or should I stick w/ oem parts. Thanks in advance for the suggestions.

JE, Wiseco, CP, or OEM will work fine for the piston. I would inspect the valves carefully before replacing them as they may be good for another year or two. I would reccomend replacing the valve springs regardless. Also be sure to replace the timing chain.

Stay with OEM parts unless you have the experience to select and match up a full set of compatible components, and a plan for what the finished engine will do. If you're just rebuilding a stocker, Stay with Yamaha parts. They'll cost less than the upscale aftermarket parts, work better than the low cost replacements, and there will be fewer fit problems.

Thanks guys

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