Suggestions of places to ride in the Tahoe area.

My buds and I will be in tahoe May 15-19. Wondering if there is any areas open to ride. Any suggestions?

Hi ASternad,

I don't know of any place that would be open close to Tahoe besides Foresthill and Mammoth Bar in Auburn.

I would suggest going over the mountain and riding the desert in Carson City Nevada. That is an awesome place.

Have a good time,


Do a search here, I think someone said there is a forestry track near northstar. Last year I took my bike up there, my family goes every year, and I rode Blackwood canyon, it's on the homewood side. It was pretty fun, rode part of the rubicon back, pissed off the jeepers! :)

Plus Georgetown, and Gerle Creek (near Loon Lake).

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