98 yz 400?

i got a 98 yz 400 want a 19 inch rear wheel what years yz250 will fit my bike it has the smaller size axle and a 18in stock wheel its gotta be 98 or older but how much older could i go

Always thought the YZs had 19" rears and WRs 18"

That's true. ALL YZ's had 19" rears well before '98. The WR's had 18's. Any 18" wheel on a YZ is added after the fact.

Well regardless of where it came from what years yz 250 19in rim will fit my 98 and earlier swingarm with the smaller axle and for another question if i cant find an older rim what year swing arm with larger axle will fit my 2002 yz426 frame.... so heres the deal i bought a supposed 426 but it was a 98 wr with a 426 motor and carb. i converted tank seat forks to 2002 426. i just got a yz 250f 03 rear shock does anyone know if that will fit. pretty much i want a 19 in rear not a 18 and the cheapest way to do it so please help !

'98 and earlier YZ rear wheels back to around '93-'94 should fit.

A '99 swing arm should fit without a hitch, which would allow the use of wheels from '99-'08. Swing arms up to '02 might fit also.

Not sure about the shock.


thanks i would like to add that my swingarm off the 98 fit the 2002 frame but i had to use linkage arm from the 98 the linkage arm from my 2002 frame was 1/2 inch longer and wouldnt match up with the swingarm linkage. are u not sure on the 93 or 94 rear wheel because i can get a 93 in good shape on ebay for 30 and is any of this worth the 1 inch diff in wheel size im intermediate mx will it help me

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