Win a KX250 and help a fellow dirt biker

Hey guys, hope this is OK with you. (no spam intended)

Here's your chance to win a super hot KX250 and support a fellow rider

DRN are holding a raffle to benefit a fellow rider suffering from an auto-imune disease. Tickets are $25 and are limited to 500. All interested dirt bikers from any board on the net are invited to participate - no limits, no limitations. Your participation will be greatly appreciated.

Taken from DRN


Some may be aware of the "Green Mamba" as it was named; the DRN project bike. Starting with a 99 KX250, every worthwhile mod was made, Eric Gorr motor, MX-Tech suspension, and tons of bolt on stuff.

Time for a new project, so I put it up for sale in the For Sale Forum (check it out, there are pcis too). A lot of people have suggested that we raffle it off, with any proceeds (above the cost I have to get for the bike) to go to JG.

Sounds like a great idea.


1) Porting, Big Bore (310cc) Kit By Eric Gorr

2) Works Suspension by MX-Tech

3) V-Force II Reed Block

4) TAG Metals Upper and Lower Triple Clamps

5) TAG Metals T2 Bars

6) ProCircuit Shock Linkage

7) FMF Fatty / Shorty Silencer

8) Fresh Renthal (13-50)

9) N-Style graphics

10) Regina O-Ring Gold

11) ProCircuit Wide Foot pegs

12) Works Connection frame guards

13) Works Connection skid plate

14) MSR Easy pull clutch

15) Ceet Gripper Seat

16) Black Plastic

17) WER Steering Damper"


By the way, I have no affiliation with DRN, am just another dirt biking spode ...



The Raffle will now officially take place. Nearly 200 tickets have been sold. Some lucky guy (or gal) is going to win that KX250. The aim is to sell 500 tickets by November 15th.

All tickets sold over 200 will go to benefit JG.

Thanks to all who have participated so far.

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