Membership in XR650R Yahoo Group denied...

Has anyone had any experience with trying to become a member of the Yahoo Groups XR 650R site? I applied...nothing out of the ordinary. I have ridden off road bikes years ago (8-25 years old), had street bikes since, now getting back into it with an XR 650r...reply...DENIED...What's up? The site seems very informative with explicit mechanical information (step by step foto's of various modifications). Seemed like a nice place to converse and be with other 650 owners...Is the moderator for that group a participant on the TT site?

Thanks for your feedback. :)

This is the site:

This could be your problem:

You need an ISP e-mail address, not a yahoo e-mail address or some other account where your identify is unknown. They want to be able to verify who you are.

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