what would you pay for a 04 450wr

going to look at a 04 tomorrow and not sure what they are worth.the bike has barely been ridden,maybe 6 times.the last time the guy rode it he went over the bars and got hurt so he does'nt ride anymore.the pics i got look good,nothing tore up and the bike is clean.so what do you think i should pay for this?

ummmm.... i would say $2500

I paid about $3200 almost a year ago...this included some extras like FMF titanium exhaust and stuff. How much does he want for it? A pristine 04 could fetch $3000 no problem. $3000 or less i'd jump on it :-)

I paid 2500 for mine last year. It had 75 miles on it, garaged and still had the whiskers on the tires. It is an 03' and it sat for 5 years after its first ride (and he dropped it, too, bent oem bars). The original owner received it as a gift from his wife.

The owner didn't know too much about bikes because he dumped a new battery in it to start it up [saying it ran like that because the battery was dying]. When I got it started there was hesitation, stalling, back firing [the carb was green] from the carb. I didn't argue with the guy. I broke the carb down, cleaned it, and it runs flawless now along with a FMF titanium exhaust. :moon:

The guy originally wanted 4 grand, but I said he was dreaming. So 2000-2500is realistic, and that is based on the condition of the WR.

we bought my friends 04 about 9 months ago for 2400

just bought my 06 about 3 months ago for 3000

both nice bikes...imo

well i didn't make it to see it today,it snowed around here so the brute force got a work out pulling my son and his friends around on the sled.the same deal on this one,ridden 5 times and dumped it and broke his collar bone.the bike has been siting for 4 yrs. and im sure its gummed up,he says 2500 firm but im thinking lower because of the fact its gonna need a battery and the carb cleaned up.

i have a freind with an 04 450 he will take 1500.00.he has had it for a few years and it was practically new when he got it.its a yz450f

I just bought a completely stock '05 wr450 with 90 miles on it for $2600 2 weeks ago. I got it from the original owner who bought it new from the dealer in March 2008. Like someone said earlier, sub $3000 wouldn't be too bad.

Not knowing the actual condition, your local market value and the time of year, I'd go a lot less than that.

well i will never get that time back.i don't think the guy was a liar but if its only been ridden about 8 times it hit the ground every time!!!been siting for 4 yrs dirty and the plastics were scratched up pretty bad from his wreck.still a nice bike but would not come off the price of 2500 at all.oh well,truth be told most of my other bikes are green anyway.

Extract the Yellow from the green and you will be back to blue.....sorry that the bike was a no go....keep watching, there are plenty out there. I know in Texas we have all kinds of good stuff for sale. Surely there are some good deals up north too.

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