Woodruff key broke, Dealer ask's if I want YZ450??

Dealer lapped crank and put locktite on and before we loaded it up, it's brand new, the key sheared. He says that If I want, I can have a YZ450. I don't know what to do. I would rather have a WR but everyone acts as if there is no guarantee that a new key will solve all the problems. Are they making a different key now to fix this? Should I go ahead and get the YZ? HELP!!!!!!!!!!! :)

If your dealer did the work properly, you shouldn't have any more problems. Mine has been bullet proof since it was serviced. One guy posted overt 2000 miles since his was fixed. :)

just dropped mine off today,never had any problems,hope I dont when I get it back!will give update next week... 545 miles #1033 vin number

I would have it redone! Mine has never been done. 1,316. miles on stock woodruff key! Forget the YZ450 it is a pure MX monster :)

Check my post on the TSB. (who does it?). If mine breaks again, and my dealership gives me a choice, I'm taking the CHECK!!! :)

Get them to do it properly and you will see the WR450 is the best dirt bike around by far.

Dont let the odd pessimist put you off :)

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