WR450 Radiator Shrouds and Side Panels. Where?

Dennis Kirk said they had radiator shrouds and side panels for a Wr 450 but the ones they sent me must be for the YZ and they dont fit. Anybody got any suggestions on a good place to buy? Thanks

I have already replaced the stock ones with Genuine OEM Yamaha parts. Got them quick too. :)

Well I'm real happy for ya Indy. He says in his best John Wayne impression. I figure I am going to have to go with OEM (which is usually better quality) but I was wondering if anyone had a good cheap source. I did talk to Yamaha of Troy and they couldnt quote me a price on Saturday he said because he was not getting updates or something or other on his computer and he told me to call back Monday. The good news is he said he thought these were going to be a little more reasonable than the usual OEMs because he thought they were made in the US. Man I have been raped on OEMs by my local dealer and I am bracing myself for a reaming now. Tim

The shrouds were $39.00. Better than KTM prices! :)

That is a great price if it is for a pair! Denis Kirk wanted 53 for a pair and they were the wrong ones. Tim

I also replaced mine with genuine Yamaha parts and was suprised at how cheap they are.

I also changed side covers and put on a YZ rear mudguard and all my shiny new plastics with warning stickers and all are put away ready for when the bike gets sold one day

Yeah that was the price for a pair of shrouds. They were so cheap I got back up shrouds at the same time so I am ready for my next crash. :)

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