bike wont start wr400.. n no free play on wheels

hi guys.. need help on this..

first of all.. when i pull in my clutch, n enage into first gear. the bike wheel is suppose to be running freely when press but it is somehow enaged even before i release the clutch.

if theres no spark coming out from the plug, does that means my stator is damage?

how can i solve this problem.. i could start the bike without any problem before i garage it.

thanks.. and merry christmas... :moon:

up... please reply here

Firstly, WR's are known to have an issue with wires breaking up near the steering head. Don't know which ones they are though.

As for the clutch grabbing, this is a common occurrence on a lot of bikes when big deal

thanks... i will check on the wires again..

merry christmas.. :moon:

As for the stuck clutch, don't force anything. Stick it in nuetral and let it idle a couple mins (once you get it started) before trying to put it in gear. Then make sure you have space to roll because if the clutch isn't disengaging all the way and you kick it into gear, it would suck to chug right into the side of your garage/car/livingroom. Mine does that sometimes but if i let it warm up just a little bit (usually long enough for me to put on helmet, put away axle stand in backpack, adjust goggles and confirm no leaks) she's good to go!

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