regular oil after sythetic

Can I run reg oil after running synthetic oil (Mobil 1), I want to switch because I have to change my oil way too often. I was thinking about running DELO diesel oil?

I dont know about the diesel oil. Regular motor oil is fine after synthetic. :)

Because I change my oil every other ride,75 to 100 miles. I use Suzuki 20W50 motorcycle oil. It's $2.99 a quart, retail. Seems to works as well as the $6.99 Yamalube R.

If I were racing the Baja 1000, Yamalube R would be my 1st choice. :D

Don't worry about mixing synthetic and dino. Many oils,semi-synthetic, are just that. A mix. :)

The answer is no.

DELO diesel oil would be a good choice for a petroleum based oil. It has as much or more anti-wear additives than most motorcycle specific oils. No problem mixing DELO with synthetic oil.

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