wobble wobble

Hey guys, I've got a question about my new tires. I put on a set of bridgestones (M59,M70) and now when i am jumping for any length of time i notice that my bike is wobbling in the air. Is there any way to balance a set of dirt bike tires? thanks MADDOG

Just a thought sir, but as a quick trackside check, you could try to mark the tire with chalk and make a corresponding mark on the rim then break the bead, & twist the tire 180 degrees around the rim so that the heavy spot on the tire ( where ever it was ) is no longer adjacent to the heavy spot on the rim(where ever THAT was).

But there is a weight that goes around the base of the spoke nipple...they balance streetbike wheels with spokes right?

Is the bead seated good all the way around?

Your bearings weren't on there last breath as you tightened the axle nut were they?

Just a thought

Patman at http://patmanracing.tripod.com

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