Can slide height be adjusted on WR400?

Read a post on adjusting the slide height on a FCR39. The person had all sorts of jetting and idle issues...once the height was adjusted....the jetting was on spot. In this case, the opening under the slide was a bit large and thus reduced.

Don't see how it can be adjusted height-wise.

Any feedback appreciated.

There is an adjustment for height that is set at the factory, but for tuning purposes, why didn't he use the idle adjuster? Did he run out of adjustment and picked up some more height with the slide adjustment? How high is he trying to get his slide anyway? Too high will give him the hanging idle problem.

Nevermind, I just reread your post, his was too high, got it.

When installing a slide, you want the idle speed knob to be backed out, the slide installed and set to enable the slide to be at the bottom, flully closed. Then adjusting the idle speed control knob will raise the slide. The mistake many make is to remove teh side and set it witht he idle speed knob cranked in. Then the slide cannot go lower.

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