changing the front sprocket

I have an 05 wr 450 and I'm going to change the chain and sprockets. Are the threads on the the drive sprocket nut regular or are they reversed?

They are a standard, right hand thread (counterclockwise to loosen).

I assume you ask this because you found it difficult to remove. Apply a good penetrating oil first, then use the longest handled 1/2" wrench you have available. With the chain still running over both sprockets, lay a hammer handle or a piece of wood through the spokes across the swing arm, as near the rim as you can get it and crank the nut off.

Of course, a good impact wrench is even better.

I hadn't even tried to take it off yet. I just wanted to start off right. Thanks!

I prefer to loosen the front sprocket nut before anything else. That way I can use the rear brake. I use a socket and a long 1/2" breaker bar.

You could also put a thick rag in the chain near the rear sprocket. I just don't like to put something in the spokes.

Righty tighty lefty lucy :moon:

I just don't like to put something in the spokes.
It works. The key is in placing the board right up against the rim. That reduces the load placed on the spoke to the minimum.

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