Wr and yz interchangeable parts?

Looking for a wr450 to replace my 2003 yz450f. What of my upgraded parts can I interchange? I've put a drd pipe on, rekluse clutch, applied clamp. Hate to sell over $1000 worth of parts. So I was thinking of buying, swapping some parts then selling the yz. Also, is the power of the wr in the same ballpark as my yz?

Everything should bolt right on, considdering its a steel frame yZ to steel frame WR.

im not sure about the clutch though, but im 90 percent certain it will work as the yz and wr are almost identical.

.dot dot

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eek double post

The power is just about the same, a bit smoother delivery on the WR.

What type of goodies are you trying to swap?

Sorry for the delay. I've been working a ton. Just enjoying the "change" you know. The goodies include swapping my fastlap forks, Applied triple clamp, Rekluse clutch and DRD pipe

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