2004 YZ 450 vs 2003 YZ 250??


I have the opportunity to trade my 2003 yz250 for a 2004 yz450F. My 250 is really strong and has been well maintained, but before I sink some more cash into it I was looking at the 450's. I found near me that a guy wanted to trade for a 250 2 stroke. His bike has the full fmf power bomb exhaust and is really clean with great plastics and graphics. I have not rode this bike yet though.

My main issue is that I want to get back into motocross this spring. I will probabaly start in the D's to get my feet wet again and then move back up to C's. I rode the local tracks quite a bit last year, so I am pretty comfortable with the 250, but I was wondering if anyone had opinions on making the change from 2stroke to 4 stroke on the track.

The last 4 stroke I rode on the track was a buddies 426F about 3 years ago. It was fun, but I liked the 2 stroke better than that bike. Thanks all!!!!


Oh, also, are there any particular problems with the 2004 YZ 450?

Other than the usual re-learning curve of switching from a yz 250 to a yz450f, I'd say it comes down to your natural riding style. Are you a very smooth flowing cornering type or do you like to point and shoot?

I'd think about my "shortcomings" on the yz250 and your strong points.

Without knowing your weight or ability I going to presume you get along very well on the two stroke, and this is merely a case of change/something different. Both are good bikes, but yz250's are the "new rage" to hit local tracks.

Well, I would say when I get in the groove and have been practicing I would say that I am decent in the corners. I have always been told that is where you win..

Anyway, I am 200 pounds and will probably be around 185 when I race. I am changing from a builder/strength routing to more endurance. I have been big on weights for quite a while, so I am going to try and lose a bit. I am pretty strong, and can manhandle the 250 easily, but it takes a while for me to get past the arm pump... Once I have been riding very often for a couple of weeks it doesn't seem to be an issue.

Here is the link, http://charlotte.craigslist.org/mcy/1521906311.html


The biggest problem that I have on the 250 is staying on the pipe all of the time. This may be a combination of my riding ability and the current setup on the bike, but I find that sometimes the power comes on a bit late for those jumps that are right out of a corner. The bike currently has a Wiseco piston (I don't know which, it was in there when I bought it), stock front sprocket and 51 tooth rear. The suspension has been gone through by factory connection. Other than that my bike is pretty stock.

i was looking into getting it proted and polished, a pipe (Which I have held off on since everyone likes stock on a YZ), a force reed setup, and putting another new piston/ring/gaskets in it to get ready for the spring series. This 450F just looked like a real good deal though.

It would also be good to hear from anybody who switched from 250 2 stroke to 450 4 stroke and see what the differences were for them. Like, dislikes.... Dude just got back with me and wants to trade so it would help me to hear what you all got to say about it. Thanks!!!!!!

I say if you like you 250 and it runs strong and is in good mechanical condition then keep it! With and older 4 stroke especially beyond 3 years 6 in this case you never know what you are going to get. The bike could grenade on you if not properly maintained then you have a $2,000 boat anchor. I say if you want a 450 I would go newer 07 and up. You will be much happier in the long run.

Another thing to add if your 250 is in equal condition it is worth more money as I have tried and tried to get $1800 for my 04 with loads of extras and can't even get someone to take me seriously just F N rednecks asking if I will take $1500!:moon:

your 250 is worth more than that 450F (if its in equivalent condition) -- keep it, it will not hold you back in the C class in the slightest

I think that I am going to keep it and put the money that he wanted with my bike into my 250. I will need new tires, a pipe (Mine has some dents)... and lots of practice.

Thanks for all of the help!!!! I will go ahead and race the spring series and then I will see if I want to make the move or not.

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