Need to swap this Hvy Flywheel

We've got a customer who just acquired a used 99 YZF400, and he wants to have the Aloop heavy flywheel removed. I have no clue what he's doing with this bike, or why he wants to go back to stock, but that's what he wants, and the customer's always right, (right?).

Anywho, it occured to me that if someone has a stock rotor that they'd want to send in to exchange for this weighted one, then that's alot better plan than just cutting the weight off and sending it back to him naked.

So, if you have a 99 YZF (no 426's or WR's, sorry), and you'd like a genuine Aloop 12 oz weld-on flywheel weight, then we'll swap rotors with you. You pay the freight, and we'll call it good. SUCH A DEAL! Need to do it quick though.

Let me know if you're interested. First come first weighted. Just have the one to offer for now. Please call our office if you want to do this. You're helping us to help our customer and getting a great flywheel weight for practically nothing. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Keep Thumpin!

Pete Denison, Aloop Offroad

303 791-0035

Thanks guys, I think we got a taker. Just waiting on a flywheel puller. Wouldn't mind a backup in case he fades, but it looks like we're handled.


I just got to say what you did was really cool. Most companies would just take the money and run, but you went out of your way for your customer, and someone else in the process. " way to go " I'll be checking you out first before I buy in the future.


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