Changing from 19" to 18"

I am going to change from a 19" rear rim to an 18" will the spokes from a 09 WR450 fit? Did a search and no luck.

If you are changing a YZ-F wheel from a 19" to an 18" there should not be a problem. Both are 36 spoke wheels and the hubs are the same for most years.


spare yourself the respoking trouble, get yourself another wheel :moon:

That is a more expensive route but its nice to have two. you can keep a paddle tire on the 19" if you go to the dunes at all or just another dirt tire so that when you get a flat in the middle of a ride you dont have to change tubes, just wheels. I have an extra wheel and it's really nice.

Try looking up both on a parts listing and see if the part numbers are the same.:moon:

Part numbers will not be the same. The WR spokes are for an 18 inch wheel while the YZ spokes are for the 19.

I wouold guess that 4oshun12 must have access to some WR spokes or can get a really good deal on them as it'd probably be cheaper to buy Bucannan's than stock.


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