Burnt Clutch??Slipping clutch????

I went out riding yesturday and it was REALLY muddy, probable should have stayed home.

I never had any problems with my clutch before not even slipping, but yesturday I got so much mud around my back tire that I couldn't even go down hill without gassing it. The more mud I got the harder it was to not bog the bike when letting out the clutch and I had to give it a lot of gas. This went on for a good 100 ft and I bogged it out a few times. The last time when I put it in gear it didn't go anywhere. I tried every gear and nothinig. It smelt burnt.

I took it back and cleaned all the mud, turned the tire by hand, and started it on the stand and it could barely turn the tire in 1st gear.

Could I have burnt the clutch that bad and that fast? The oil does smell a little burnt and only has about 8 hrs on it.

Thanks for any help.

It's pretty likely that you fried the clutch. Pull it out and see, it will be pretty obvious if the clutch is fried, it will smell burnt and the friction plates will be worn thin.

I agree, sounds like you fried it. Bad thing is it's fed clutch particles all through the engine. I would highly recomend changing the oil, going for a short ride, and changing the oil again until the oil comes out clean. You need to get all that clutch stuff out of there so it doesn't eat up the engine.

Thanks guys. I took the clutch out and I dont believe they shredded, but I could be wrong. They definetely stink. I'm going to check the wear with my calipers when I get home

now trying to decide between OEM or GYTR.

I would go with OEM. Might also wont to change the clutch springs evry so often cause they do get weak over time and when you put some new ones in it makes the clutch grab better.

Why OEM over GYTR. After doing a bunch of research I figured the GYTR was a better option for the same price as oem. I thoiught it has better fibers.

I'm definetekly changing the spring and from reading will probably change them out more ofton because they are so cheap.

GYTR is good stuff but I like to just stay with OEM parts when it comes to buying parts for the engine and clutch and forks,suspension.

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