CA Plated WR450F...What is it worth?

I have a 2005 CA Plated WR450F. It has a desert tank along with the new titanium q4 i believe quiet pipe. I just reregistered it for another year.

The rear tire is a bit thin in the teeth. It has the red adjustable butterfly needle and been rejetted. It also has a gps on it with integrated charger.

It has the baja designs dual sport kit on it. so yes it comes with the funky faulty light switch. i also had a ignition key put in. I also replaced the starter last year. It runs on engine ice and semi syn oil. Has been taken care of well and it has all it orignal plastics and tank.

WHAT IS THIS WORTH in this economy?

I was thinking $5,000 because the CA plate is worth its weigh in gold.

What do you guys think?

WHAT IS THIS WORTH in this economy?

I was thinking $5,000 because the CA plate is worth its weigh in gold.

What do you guys think?

3500 at the most...the bike is 4 years old and by the letter of the law should not be plated an should not transfer to the new owner (now that doesnt mean it cant be done.)

put it on craigslist for 5k and let ur rip!

So is CL still the best option or do you think an ad here might be better served?

My buddy had a guy from San Fran drive all the way down just to buy his quad last week. Obviously CL is free. Anyone sold a bike on here? How fast is the turn?

I tried to sell my last dirt bike 4 years ago on Cycle Trader and it took 5 months so I am not really going to go that route again.

I put one of my quads on CL yesterday and within 50 mins it was gone.

The trick is to list that puppy on as many free / low costs sites as possible. You got to get it out to the masses.

Yes, TT Classifieds are the bomb, but you would be surprised how many dirt bike riders don't even know about this site.

Here's my list:

TT Classifieds

KTM Talk (some Ktm'ers ride blue too or may want to)


supermotojunkie dot com (like $4.95)

Cycle Trader is a last resort, unless you want a sell a Goldwing or a VTX.

Just the way I would roll.

The question is when the new owner goes to register it will the gold be taken away.....

Mine is priceless:banana:

I'll trade you for my 00 wr400 it's also street legal but I want electric start I'll trow some $$$ on top of it :-D

Supermotojunkies will have to try that and i will try ktmtalk.

good suggestions. I guess it is hit and miss on the price.

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