Thorton Gap(edinburg) pics of my xr650r

I finally took my xr650r for a much needed off road dirt bike riding session. It was great, I enjoyed every minute.

My arms and legs are tired from hanging on to the bike. The bike has a 2 stroke type of snap 1-3 gears. Even 4-5 but I hardly used those.

Hey scorch

That looks like a nice ride. Is that near Taskers Gap? I can get real close to that area from here on almost all dirt. It takes a few hours of hard riding to do it though.

When FooBarr gets here in July we will have to plan a BRP get together. Let me know when you are heading this way. :)

Yeah, opps. Its taskers gap. Sorry.

Im riding my r1 to your neck of the woods Tommorow. What is the best roads around your area?

I will be coming down from brandywine(route 33) south route 21. Usually I juust keep going south on 21, those roads are really nice.

Ill be riding my r1, so not gravel roads :) (I do ride it gravel roads, but i doubt the others do)

Yeah, we do have to plan a nice BRP invasion. My xr is not legal yet. I ordered the electrix kit(500$). I went to the local dealer and they quoted me 350$ to install!!!! I hope its easy because I might do it myself, for that price I can get the white brothers exhaust :).

Honestly, the stock exhaust is GREAT. I just want a nicer looking exhaust. I do not want to sacrifice the excellent low end power it has.

Maybe we can trade xrs for a short distance, id like to see how much low end you have lost with your full exhaust. That way I can decide if I should get a full or just the slip.

Rt. 250 is really good from the WV line nearly all the way to Staunton. You could stay on 33 to Franklin WV and take 220 south to Monterey to hook up with 250. There are too many good roads! They are all good, just have fun. We got over 2" of rain last night so watch out for gravel.

I cross 21 a lot heading into the Reddish Knob area. Look closely and you may see some BRP tracks. :)

I don't think you will have any problem installing the kit yourself. I've never done the electrix kit but the others are pretty easy to put on. Save the $350 for other things.

I don't have a full exhaust, just a slip on. The header is stock but has been ceramic coated. It looks like an aftermarket header now, stays cooler, and never stains. :)

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