Big Gun EVO-R on 2009 YZ450F Anybody???

Happy post x-mas! Well I've been looking for an affordable slip-on for my 09" YZ450F then I found a new BIG GUN EVO-R for $219 online (Jcmotors if anyone cares). Being in Ca. I wanted one that had a removable S/A and DB insert and this has both. So im curious if anyone has one on there bike and would appreciate some input. Thanks!:moon:

Put one on a Katoom I used to have. Nice pipe but LOUD.

I havent seen a lot of Big Gun pipes, but the few I have been around were all too loud for me.

my buddy put the full system on his and he hates it and its very loud

Accoding to Big Gun the EVO R is AMA 96-98db legal. I know the old ones made big power and bigger noise, but for that price I may buy a full sysetm myself. I would like to know if anyone has ridden one and what the power increase is like over stock...

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