more fuel !!! I need info if you have it!

I NEED a bigger fuel tank for my wr450f. I just checked IMS and Clarke websites with no luck.. Doesn't anyone make a 3.5 gallon tank for the new 450's? I probably wouldn't have gotten the 450 if I knew that I was going to have to ride in Baja with 2.6 gallons, it just doesn't work out unless you carry a gallon jug on your belt which really kinda upsets the balance thing..The button doesn't help when you're out of fuel.. :D :D :) <font color="black">

It will probably be available next year. So far we WR450 riders have few options that fit well. :)

I, like you, could not wait for a WR specific tank. Bought natural IMS tank for my WR450, but needed to buy YZ shrouds ($25) only. The IMS tank has two mounting points for seats (one for WR / one for YZ). At 3.2 advertised gallons I got to tell you I went 88 miles at the San Rafeal Swell, UT last week and still had a visible gallon left. Fit and function are good.

Hey HighplainsWR question for you:

Can you use all your fuel in the IMS tank or does it leave 1/2 gallon in the tank when it runs out of gas? Thanks. :)

More like a quart. The right side runs out first because the fuel is carried higher and transverses to the left. The left side fuel petcock is lower than the carb inlet, thus the "extra" leftover fuel. Why they did that I'll never know. I guess the extra fuel is to dump in your buddies tank to so he can make it back to the trucks ? If you net out the leftover fuel the stock tank is only .1 gallons less (3.2 - .5 = 2.7). Go figure. :)

Thanks for the honest answer HighPlainsWR. :D I have seen some funky mods to try to get the whole tank capacity to feed to the carb. I am going to wait for a 3.6 Gallon 100 mile capacity tank to come out. I wonder if we can get enough members to pre buy from IMS or Clarke so they will build what we want? :)

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