Larger Footpegs for 2007 YZ450F

I have the stock footpegs now which are tiny. I noticed my buddies 2009 YZ450F footpegs are considerably larger. Would finding a pair of 2008-2009 OEM footpegs fit my 2007??

Yes they would fit but you could also go with Light Speed in stainless for less than $100 they are superior IMO.

IMS Pro pegs is what I run on my 07 with a size 13 boot.

I bought 08 pegs on ebay for 60.00 for my 06, Just one more thing thats worth the investment.

I have the ProTaper pegs on my 06' and they are HUGE!!!

I bought a pair of GYTR titanium pegs from a member here, and they're HUGE and sharp! They are not cheap to buy new, however, but they're TRICK!

Mine came with a pair of Lightspeed Ti OS pegs. I have to say I really do like them, although I doubt I'd have paid the $100+ for them. Stainless, maybe.

ProTaper S.P.I. They are larger and the cleats are replaceable and available in different heights. I was really surprised how confidence inspiring the extra peg grip was on the MX track. I bought them because they looked cool but the larger surface area makes the bike feel more solid and connected to you.

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