Who does the TSB?

I just got my WR450 back from the dealership. I had to wait almost a month to get the TSB done. When I first called about the repair, they said they would contact me when the parts came in to set up a time to bring in the bike. After calling about twice a week (they have never called me in the past when parts arrived, usually up to 2 weeks after. So I make it a point to check). They finally called last Sat and told me to bring the bike in on wed. When I took the bike into the shop (wednesday) they told me it would be done friday. When I called friday at about 3:30 to see if it was ready, they told me they had just started on it, and that it MIGHT be done on monday because the service dept was closed on saturday. 5 days for a .7 hour TSB???? I finally got the salesman that I purchased the bike from to check on its progress, he told me it will be ready today (saturday), and that I could pick it up at 4:00. When I arrived at the shop at 4:00, the service dept was indeed open, and everyone was there. When I asked for paperwork for the repair, they were reluctant to give it to me. When I finally got the Mgr to give me the paperwork, he told me that they "didn't like doing recalls because they don't get paid for them". That is why it wasn't done promptly. So basically, if your dealership does not want to do the TSB, they don't have to??? Is Yamaha ever going to address this? Evidently, HARDINGS PARK CYCLE in canton Oh. can choose when,or if, they ever do the TSB. I guess they figure that if they make it enough trouble, you will just dump it on another dealership. What if they say no? Who do you go to then Yamaha????? :D :D :):D :D :D :D

To $%@#@ with it. I may just get the YZ, put a kickstand on it, a larger fuel tank, and forget about it. I don't have time to run back and forth to the dealer or worry about when the key is going to break.........

Hey lon13! I can't understand how they can get away with that. I'm in the appliance service buisness and if our store sells a product, then we must honor the manufacturers warranty and service the product and submit a warranty claim to get paid. Now warranty claim payouts are peanuts but as part of our franchise contract agreement, we MUST service that product for the consumer that puchased it without question or stand to lose the ability to sell that specific brand of product. :D I would hope that Yamaha would expect nothing less from those dealers who are fortunate enough to sell a new yamaha product. If not, Yamaha should yank their franchise and hopefully the bad dealers would be lucky if they are allowed to sell mopeds. :D

Lets all take a moment to salute all those &%$#@! dealers out there! :):D :D :D :D :D :D

Lon13 you are dealing with a bad dealer. Most bike dealers will take care of you since they know you will be back in a few years for another one. As far as not getting paid that is bull. The dealer makes about $1000. selling the bike in the first place! I would shop for a new dealer and change brands if necessary. Buying the Yamaha over the KTM was swung heavily by having a great Yamaha dealer in Indy. Sorry to hear about your issues. Ride on. :)

They fed you a line. The reason the TSB was pulled of the OFF-ROAD site was that it had the billing codes and info included in it. I have a copy and it definitly tells the dealers the codes to use to get paid by YAMAHA. :)

Thanks for the support guys. :D I've contacted Yamaha about this and they just took my vin # and told me I could have taken it to another dealer (Brush off). :):D.....By the way, in lthe last 2 years, I purchased a YZF-R1, an XR50, my WR, and ALOT of parts. I've always used this dealership because they were on the way home from work. In the future, I don't care how far I have to drive, I will not purchase so much as a magazine from this dealership. :D :D

I actually took mine to a non-yamaha affiliated shop to have the work done. I faxed them a copy of the TSB when I got home and they did the work. Cost me $40 in labour, but the peace of mind of knowing that the work was done right by skilled mechanics was worth that and more. (I will take a moment to plug RRP Cycle stuff on rte 57 in Stewartsville, NJ - they are top shelf in both their retail and service businesses)



Hey Saboo,

Ever done any riding up in the Pocono's? Maybee you want to swap tips on riding areas? Sorry for getting of the subject.

I'm looking for some new places ( :) mine are getting stale) and I might have some you'd be interested in.

Hey P.A. guys, heard of any rides to Hatfield McCoy ?

No, what is Hatfield McCoy?

The big trail system in West Virginia. Look up the web site at www.trailsheaven.com . I heard It's pretty cool. I'm going the friday before memorial day weekend. :)

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