Soaking Carb???? Please help.

Ok, my bike wont start and it's 100% the carb. I have used carb cleaner to no avail. the fuel inlet is so clogged with crap nothing can pass through it...its the gummy kind of stuff from old gas. i want to soak the carb in a carb soak jug. Can I do this? I have taken the bowl and diaphragm off, taken the choke off, taken the plastic return arm off for the slide, taken the tps off. My only concern is this. A. The carb slide appears to be this a problem? And B. Under the big round metal piece that the throttle cables attach to, there is a big green pice of plastic (no clue what it does) Is this a problem. Finally C. One of the barbs that the hoses run off of is a double barb....part of it is does not appear to come off either? Only reason I ask is because I used carb cleaner on my bowl and it ate the diapghram into a molten glob. Anything I need to worry about or is my carb ready to be dunked?


Mike all get to help me reassemble it correctly later :moon:

Do not soak the carb in carb cleaner.

1) The slide wheels are plastic

2) There are internal rubber parts that will be ruined.

Send the carb to a place like zipty or tokyo mods. Let them clean it and service it.

If can states will harm plastic and rubber do NOT soak in cleaner. Soak it in Kerosene or diesel fuel. This will loosen grime up enough to be removed by spray carb cleaner. Be sure to assemble correctly look at a manual or a parts diagram.

Ok. Then I will get diesel tomorrow. How long should I soak in the diesel?? Also should i remove the cover that says flat cr before soaking?

depends on how grimy the carb is. Do 1-3hr intervals and a little tooth brush or pipe cleaner action would speed things up. You can leave cover on loosely or clean seperately if doesnt clean up. If Needle is stuck the diesel should help loosen up.

Why don't you just take the rest of the internals out? Like the slide and whatever else is left. Sounds like you removed quite a few things already....just take out the rest and then soak it. What's wrong with that?

Well I don't know how to remove te slide or the brass part the throttle cables attach too. The carb looks good the problem is the big brass fuel bung is plugged and the needle valve is stuck in carb. If I blow in the brass fuel tube no air comes out anywhere in carb.

I would just stick with soaking just the bottom half of the carb and try and get the needle out, that is where your problem is. If you do not have a manual and want to take the rest of the carb apart, I recommend to take pictures before you remove each part for reference.

I wouldn't soak the whole carb if you're not going to remove the throttle shaft so you can clean and re-grease it's roller bearings.

If you're just trying to break the float needle assy. loose, just soak the bottom of the carb. Maybe pour some penetrating fluid down the fuel inlet.

Alright I'll just do the bottom of the carb then. I really don't want to take out the slide. Thanks for the advice.

Just take the brass fitting out. There is a little phillips screw under it that holds it in. Take it out, take the o rings off of it, clean it out and reinstall. Easy fix, not sure why I didn't think of that yesterday haha.

FYI....the slide is very very easy to take out. If you have ever opened the top to mess with your needle, there is a screw in there holding the slide to the throttle shaft. Take out screw and slide lifts right out. Simple. Just keep it together as it is a few pieces and put back in the same way. It's not rocket science

Soaking a motorcycle carb in carb cleaner is a dangerous thing to do. WHY?

1. As mentioned, any rubber or plastic will be ruined. There is plenty in there!

2. Some soaking carb cleaners are extremely corrosive and could damage the delicate parts.

3. I've heard stories for folks soaking their carb and when removed, it was decomposing and useless.

Unless the carb was filled with salt water and left for years or totally trashed in some other way, typically you can just remove all the jets, spray WD40 into the openings to ensure they are clear and reassemble.

Follow these simple step by step instructions or take it to a Professional.

10-4 no carb soaking :-) Ok, back to the dang valve seat....I see no philips screw anywhere. All I see is the brass vavle seat. If I shine a light in the hole I see the carb wall.

I thought you were talking about the brass fuel inlet fitting that the hose from the gas tank connects to. That's what I thought you meant from your first post....not the needle and seat.

Sorry. I have two posts going on so I got confused. I'm trying to take out the valve seat. I'd also like to remove the brass fuel fitting but I'm not seeing the screw u reference

I did not look it over real careful but my new 2008 WR did not appear to have a removable needle valve seat. Unless it is scratched or damaged in some way, then you'll have to figure out out. If not, the rubber tipped Needle Value should not harm the seat at all. Just clean and reassemble.

hi guys, i have the same problem with starting my bike. i found out the my carb couldnt prime the fuel from the carb bowl and fire out from the nossle.

usually i will test the carb manually to see if the carb is functioning. but this time, it wont fire out fuel. any FRC carb expert

The ACC Pump is not for starting the bike. If you crank the throttle open a few times prior to starting, you run the risk of flooding the bike and it will not start. If flooded, very slowly rotate the throttle to full open (So the ACC pump does not squirt more fuel) and hold it there. Press the e-start and let it crank a few times.

IF it is not flooded, your problem may be with the choke circuit, an air leak in the intake system or something with the ignition. You'll need to troubleshoot.

For ACC Spray issues, look at this post.

thanks bro.. i will follow what u have said..

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