Hanging idle, plugged pilot again?

Just started my bike for the first time after letting it sit for about 2 weeks and the idle is hanging, started fine with no choke, 3 pumps of the throttle and fired first kick. But as soon as i revved it, it hung at probably 2500rpm.

Turn throttle again, still hanging, turn again than finally comes back down...doesnt seem to follow any particular pattern.

I had this when i first bought the bike and didn't start it for 2 weeks. i cleaned the pilot jet and next time i turned it on it was all good. Went for a 2 hour ride with zero problems. Now this...

I Used to not start my XR400 for over a month and it never did this. I dont see how the pilot jets differ, and fuel is the same (well actually 98 octane in the yz). Bike stored in same location.

Am i chasing something thats not the problem? or has the fuel gummed up the pilot again?

If so, is it wise to run your bike dry of fuel and let itself switch off when none is left in the float? I heard this will also dry your seals in the carb itself so just wondering?

anyhow enough blabbering from me

Temperature gotten colder?

Did you try and re-adjust the fuel screw?

Temperature gotten colder?

It's the early part of summer there. But the fuel screw may work for him, even so. The fuel could be stale, dirty, or water contaminated, too. Leaving the bike sit for long periods can cause the internal seals to dry out and shrink or crack, but 2 weeks shouldn't be long enough to do it. Also, check the valve clearances, the operation of the hot start plunger, and check the carb mounting sleeve for air leaks.

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