Airbox Boot/snorkel/?? - HELP

I just picked up my new 2003 WR450 today and I have been reading this site for months in anticipation of getting my bike that was suppose to be delivered in March but I don't want to get into that whole fiasco.

Anyway, I need help in understanding exactly what needs to be done to uncork the airbox for this bike. I have seen references to Airbox boot, airbox snorkel, etc but I don't know exactly what I am looking for and what I need to do to uncork this machine. As you can tell by no means am I mechanically inclined but I am willing to try anything as long as I know what exactly I am trying to accomplish. Unfortunately the owners manual only shows pictures of the actual air filter and no other information. Can someone walk me through the steps on this and give me a visual of what I am trying to remove and exactly where it is at and how to get to it. I believe I have the information and visuals to do all of the other mods except this one. Thanks in advance for your help. Pictures would be great if anyone has of the airbox boot/snorkel/? whatever I am to remove.

Looking forward to my first ride on this beast this week in one of the state forest trails in MN. I just sold my 1986 Honda V65 Magna to get back into dirt biking as I caught the bug a few years ago on a 1982 Yamaha IT175 after a 15 year hiatus on dirt biking. I am sure this will be quite an upgrade from that. Sorry for the long post.

take off the seat and side panels. right behind the battery is the airbox snorkle. unhook the battery strap and pull the battery don't have to unhook the battery. next get 2 regular screw drivers. put 1 screw driver on each side of the battery strap clip. gently pry the snorkel away from the battery clip. with a pair of pliers grab the middle brace of the snorkle and pull it out. you have to make sure that the snorkle clears the battery clip tabs. a third hand helps but you can do it by your's really easy. also remove the exhaust baffle. it has a 10 mm bolt holding it inplace.simply unscrew it and pull out the baffle. that's what they refer to when they say "UNCORKING" the exhaust. hope that helps.

it won't take you long to realize that mearly "uncorking" the exhaust leaves you with a too loud a search under exhaust inserts here to see your options.

Make sure to rejet after doing any mods to airflow(modifying the airbox or removing the exhaust baffle). You DON'T want any lean backfires!!!!

Thanks for everyone's help on this. I just completed the removal of the snorkel tonight. I found that if I drilled a couple of holes right beneath the two rivet clips holding the battery strap it was a lot easier to get the snorkel out and I didn't have to torque it too much. Also, completed the gray wire and tomorrow is the throttle stop. I am not sure about the rejetting and what it is going to take or exactly what I am going to have to do but will probably address it this weekend.

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